Saturday, August 13, 2016

Convoluted Middles

I have four unfinished posts waiting to be finished.  FOUR.  All different, yet all sitting and waiting for me to figure out where they are going. 

My life feels this way right now.  Lists of things I need to finish.

Even this post has taken me weeks of looking at to understand.

So instead of worrying about how things are not done, I am working on embracing being in the middle of things.

I have a pile of books 8 or 9 high on my night stand, and I am in the middle of all of them.

I have at least four quilts I am in various stages of finishing.

I am always in the middle of laundry, so I am not sure that counts.

My house is in the middle of being rearranged, so half the closet is in the living room and the other half is in my office. (Moveable closets are both a blessing and a curse, especially for someone like me who loves to rearrange furniture.) Half the bedroom is also in the living room, and half of my husband's office is in the bedroom.

I am even in the middle of a huge work project, which should have been finished, but the part of the job that the company who contracted me was supposed to supply is not ready yet.

That is a terribly convoluted sentence.  It is accurate, however, to the whole point I am trying to make.

Middles are messy and convoluted, but they are also where things change and where miracles happen.  To forgo the middle would be to lose the chance at better things, the chance to see the mess come together and begin to shape the future.

Except for the middle of the laundry.  That is just a fact of life.  And really, even that is okay.

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