Friday, February 5, 2016

Random Somethings

My hubby had to get up early today.  His first alarm went off at about 5:45, and he did his usual turn it off and go back to sleep for 15 minutes routine.  I am a light sleeper, so the early morning alarms drive me crazy most of the time.  This morning it was just an excuse to curl up under his arm and be cozy a bit longer.  He always gets up with the second alarm, so at 6 he started his morning routine. 

Usually I go back to sleep at this point.  I love being able to stretch out in our bed and arrange the pillows exactly to my liking.  Basically, the bed becomes a nest for me and the kitties, who leave to get breakfast, but come back once Daddy has left for the day.

Today was different though.  I was beginning to feel cranky.  The light from the bathroom spills into the bedroom and was just bright enough that I was not going to be able to go back to sleep without some serious work.  And really, if I am going to work, I am getting up and being productive!

So I did.  About 6:15, I was out of bed.  I will admit that I still have not showered and am wearing my new favorite sweats along with an over-sized sweater that is only just too small for my husband.  (He is 6'7",  I am 5'2".  Two guesses on how it looks.)

And while I have not been terribly productive, I am feeling like I have accomplished something.  Not sure what, but something.

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