Monday, November 16, 2015


The last few weeks have been hard ones for the whole world.  It seemed that everywhere I looked, people are spewing hate for those who disagree with them while simultaneously saying how "love is the only way" and how open minded they were, as opposed to whatever group of people they were disagreeing with.

Then, Friday night, a post showed up on my instagram feed.  #prayforparis.

I flipped into my news feed and sat there reading in shock about the attacks.  The deeper I dug, the more I found.  By Saturday night, most of Facebook was covered in the French flag.  And just for a moment, as it was on 9/11, the world came together to let go of the things that had captivated them for weeks, things I see as offense taken where none was intended, and focused on the real offense against humanity.

My heart is heavy.  So much destruction in Paris, Beirut, Mexico, Japan, and Baghdad.  All in just a few days time.

I have come to the conclusion that this is what world war three looks like.  It looks like sniping at every little difference we find between people who do not agree with our choices, and then momentarily bonding over terrorism.  And then, two days later, going back to crying over how "so and so is a jerk for looking at me wrong!"

We are headed into a world were everyone is loving and no one is loved.  Where everyone is against bombings and shootings, but no one will look farther than their own pet politics to find the true culprit of why people go to such lengths to make their points.  We label anything that disagrees with what we think as "bigoted and mean", never noticing how our screaming about how wrong they are is also bigoted and mean.

 There are those who claim that prayer is part of the problem.  Do not pray for the world, change it!  I am confused as to why one cannot do both.  Can we not take a moment to address whatever god we believe in, before we stand up and change the world?  Must we be either pray-ers or do-ers?

I truly hope I can be both.  So I offer my prayers, but I also offer my hands.  I will continue to pray, and I will continue to do.

There is true evil in the world, and we must fight it.  And if we do not let go of the petty offenses, we will never be able to truly come together.  We will lose the right to have a voice.

Everyone deserves to have a voice.