Friday, September 18, 2015

Stuck: A Gramatical Dilema


That is how I am feeling, and the part of my brain that is franticly looking for a way to deal with it has come up with a new plan; if I say it enough times, it will not mean anything anymore. 

Stuck stuck stuck.

I am fairly positive stuck is an adjective; but in English it is not definite if it is a permanent or temporary one. 

I am stuck.

Temporary or permanent?

I am tired, I am hurting, I am stressed, I am hungry.

I am short, I am straight, I am white, I am loved.

I am stuck.

This is where a second language would come in handy, but my Spanish is very rusty.  Give me a minute.

*searches for Spanish-English Dictionary online, my paper one is not helping*

Huh... this is interesting.


1. (trapped) 
a. atascado 
Help me! My leg is stuck between two rocks! 
¡Auxilio! ¡Mi pierna está atascada entre dos rocas!
2. (fixed) 
a. pegado 
All of the magnets were stuck to the side of the fridge.
Todos los imanes estaban pegados al lado de la nevera.
3. (unable to continue) 
a. atascado 
I'm stuck on this question. Can you help me find the solution? 
Estoy atascada en esta pregunta. ¿Me ayudas a encontrar la solución?

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