Monday, September 14, 2015


Today is being difficult.

I was so excited.  The hubby got up early for work, and I got up with him.  I was going to be so productive and... then I lost my spark.

I've spent most of my day doing "nothing".  I tried to clean the office, but really didn't get very far at all.  I turned on my favorite TV show to help cover the silence of my home.  Then I switched to music, because I was just sitting watching TV, not listening as I went about my tasks. 

And my head hurts.  I know that people say that if you have a migraine you cannot function at all; that can be true, but for me, I can do many things still, I just have to be very careful.  I do not drive, I do not work outside by myself.  I also do not seem to be able to read for long periods, and my ability to focus, which is in ruins anyhow due to the severe anxiety I am dealing with, is beyond shot. I can still type fine though, and my brain keeps going whether my head is splitting down the middle or not.

This means that I am having a hard time sticking to anything for longer than about 10 or 15 minutes.

I have started three projects this morning, and none of them are going to get finished.  And I need to go put the laundry in.  Hubby is running out of socks No bueño.

Excuse me,  my 10 minutes are up and my brain is looking for something else to look at.  I think my quilting magazines are calling my name.

My word this is a messy post.

Maybe I need a nap.  Lets try that.

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