Friday, May 25, 2012

Never quite original, but still new

I love to quilt.  I am not wonderful at it, my corners tend to not-quite-match-perfectly.  The way I choose fabric is distracting for everyone involved and takes more time than it should (or so I've been told) because I refuse to  stick to the expected.  I want to be unexpected, to be out of the ordinary (not to be confused with extraordinary, which I will not aim for just now, as I worry about continuing to deserve the term once it has been achieved) and, most importantly, to have each quilt be individual, just as the person it is being made for is individual.

This mentality can get me into trouble.  As I learn things in life, I have "new" thoughts, only to find that I am just following the same path as others have, and that my ideas are not as original as I had believed.  The thing I must remember is that no matter how many people have gone before, I am still finding out things for myself.  That being said, and with the consideration that there are BILLIONS of people alive now and billions more that have lived, very rarely will I have a thought that has never been had - EVER - before.  So I must allow that my out-of-the-box ideas are outside of MY box, and as long as I am trying to stretch myself beyond those limits, I am still becoming who I need to be.

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